Babyland is a school of joy and happiness.

A happy, cooperative, democratic, solidarity, interactive school.

A school with open windows and a positive learning attitude that highlights the potential of children and supports their all-round development, according to their special needs and interests.

A school with educators and partners who love children, enjoy what they do, train, evolve and strive to become better.

A school with a vision to raise happy children!

Only the heart leads the human heart … J. H. Pestalozzi

At Babyland we believe that education is a journey of life, a happy journey of experience and knowledge aimed at inner fulfillment.

That’s why at Babyland

…we embrace with love and respect every child who joins our team

…we hold the child by the hand, as long as he feels safe to seek and discover the beauty of the world with his own senses

…we stand at the height of the child, to listen to his thoughts and answer his “whys”

…we share his joy, we listen to his pain, we discuss his fears and we facilitate his anger to be functionally expressed

…we create opportunities for play, communication, socializing, interaction, cooperation, social participation

…we respect equality, develop strong feelings of solidarity, love, value and empower every member of our community

…we cultivate skills that allow autonomy to occur naturally and enhance self-confidence

…we love and take care of our body, with hygiene and exercise that releases energy, relaxes tension and strengthens the love for life

…we encourage observation, research, experiment, reflection

…we seek knowledge in nature, in everyday experience, in conversation, in the book, on the internet

We, the team of collaborators of Babyland, inspired by the philosophy of the great educator Theodoros Kastanos, believe that the child has from birth already abilities to build his knowledge and to form his own ideas about the world around him. His play, curiosity and constant movement push him to a creative exploratory learning, which is achieved if the educator encourages him and opens the way for him without offering him ready and boring knowledge.

We designed our spaces and materially equipped our school to be a place of exploration and challenge, pedagogical inspired by our favorite schools in Italy Reggio.

We live part of our program in nature or engage in activities that help us get to know it. The garden, the forests with their creatures, the community have a lot to teach us, according to the Pedagogy of the forest. We work on Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection.

We let children dream, as Selestin Freine did in a non-violent democratic school that develops the notion of an active citizen. All our members are equal with exactly the same rights, regardless of age, gender, culture, religion, origin.

Parents and the community are valuable partners and helpers in our pedagogical work.

We invite you to get to know the space, our partners and our vision for a beautiful, peaceful, fair, happy world.

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